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enough dreaming of childhood’s thoughtless tangled free life

dare mad prayers leaving ourselves song’s breathless journeying

wander between whatever rain and tears come speaking memories

(the king’s hair veiled, yet flowing on his throne)


eternity’s sea-gulls imagined the world’s harbor

young lovers handing sea shells to their child

long ago,  a sunny silence courted a blushing festival

forever listened, a fair breeze murmuring freedom


love pulsed new fallen splendor

a beautiful tempest reaching beyond reason

in an adventurous fury

passion danced blindly, yet as soothing as summer


yet empty drifting orbits turned away twilight’s glory

imagined mountains melting temples

careless shapes shadowing sunlight

disguises and themes

a sea between us


since then, drifting on the flood at night

with only the stars reflection in a cup of wine for guidance

and now, dimly through the fog, the lights of the city

i will look for you when i arrive

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